Top 13 – My Best Summer Moments


Inspired by Sandra’s post Topp 13. det bästa från min sommar and spurred by the oncoming dreary weather, I’ve decided to relive my favourite summer moments in this post! I’m taking a few liberties with the time frames of summer, mind…


DSC_0091 103


1. Way back in May, at Rochester Sweeps Festival, I met Dave (!) and then in June I drove up to Nottingham to meet him properly. The rest, as they say, is history!


2. Getting my car, Rimmer!




3. If you weren’t already aware, Dave is in Shamus O’Blivion and the Megadeath Morris Men. This summer I’ve had great fun meeting the rest of the band members (who are all lovely!) and following them around to various gigs and festivals. Yay!


DSC_6782 wickham-shamus-1


4. In July, I applied for a new job and handed in my notice at my job at the time. Despite being a complete change of career (office work to care work!), I know that I made the best decision for myself and I’m really enjoying it! It’s extremely demanding but I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new people and most of all, felt rewarded by the knowledge that I’m helping people. Yay!




5. One of the super-awesome things about following Dave around to his Shamus O’Blivion gigs is getting to go to loads of lovely places! My two favourite places have definitely been Wales…




6. … And Wickham Festival!






7. Fairport’s Cropredy Convention! It’s my favourite festival in the entire world and I always love every second of it. It was especially wonderful to get to spend the entire weekend with Avalon, who I don’t get to see very often. Lovelove!




8. Lousey, Malin and I celebrated a year in our house! (Though I have since moved out!)


9. Next up is the beautiful week we spent on the Isle of Wight – we did lots of swimming, walking, eating, hot-tubbing and sauna-ing. It was fabulous.





10. As soon as we’d gotten back from the Isle of Wight, we went straight to Sweden! I adore Sweden, so I was pretty much over the moon for the entire time… But it was so gorgeous! Once again, there was a lot of time spent swimming and eating!






11. We had great fun visiting Rob and Lauren in their new house, and trying some new gorgeous cocktails. Omnom!


88 DSC_9190


12. Celebrating Midsommar is always fantastic and this year was no exception – lots of yummy food and wonderful company!


DSC_0901 DSC_0910


13. Spending nearly a whole week with Dave in September – I pretty much had him to myself and didn’t have to share him at all! Not to mention finally getting to do some face paint photos with him…


DSC_6942 DSC_6989 DSC_7087


It’s been the most amazing summer, really! I can’t believe so many things have happened and how much fun I’ve had. Whee!


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