Week 12 & 13, 2019.

It’s April! Which means we’re a quarter of the way through 2019 already…  How can that be true?!

Today I mostly want to report on a lovely birthday and Mother’s Day. I’ve been utterly spoilt and I appreciated it more than I can explain.

On Sunday night Arthur struggled with going to bed at his usual time – despite us factoring in the clocks changing – and we had one of our wonderful moments. The three of us were all laying on our bed in the dark. Arthur was tired and fighting sleep, whereas Jack and I struggling to keep our eyes open… And then Arthur rolled around a bit (as is often the case), grumbling to himself, and then upon finding his feet were near Jack’s face, he did one of his favourite things -he started to tickle his own feet with Jack’s beard.

So at 2100, exhausted but eyes wide open in the dark, he started to laugh his delicious laugh, and then we started to laugh too.

As for the rest of this week? I’ve had this blog post written and waiting until nearly a week later… It’s been a constant game of catch-up, and as usual I feel like I’m forever on the back foot. That’s just life right now, I guess!

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