Week 17 & 18, 2019.

Hello hello, from a grey Monday in May.


Each week I march around our home narrating blog posts in my head. I have so many ideas about things I could write about, and every now and then I think of catchy titles or witty one-liners… But I never, ever write them down right now. So when I realise it’s time to write a blog post I’m left trying to remember what’s been happening, or desperately trying to think of something interesting to impart.




At the time of writing it’s 13.37. Arthur is asleep on my lap, a tiny bit of milk dribbling down his chin. The kettle has just boiled and I can hear Alexa setting a timer for the pot of tea he is making us. I’m already in my pajamas, having taken all three of my daily photos for the day. The living room is a complete mess, strewn with toys and other things. The low rumble of the washing machine is barely audible. I’m looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa with Jack and Arthur for a little bit of a chill.


Life is good.


We’re still waiting on news about our new house. I’m still plugging away at my Etsy shop. I have some super low days sometimes but I feel so lucky most of the time, we ride above them fairly easily. Aside from vacuuming I’m behind on every bit of housework you can imagine.


But yeah. We’re doing well! Arthur is thriving – learning new things every day and surprising us constantly. Seeing him doing so well makes absolutely everything worth it.


Happy Monday, guys.


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