Week 22 & 23, 2019.

Every now and then parenthood hits your square in the face with a cascade of difficulties.

Currently we’re running on a distinct lack of sleep amplified – we’re co-sleeping, which inevitably means that Arthur still feeds at night, and realistically his sleeping pattern only gives us about an hour of “us time” each evening, so we end up spending longer awake than we should for a few days, and then crash with him when he has an early night.

The past few days we have tried taking him for long walks to wear him out, tried walking him to sleep in the pram, tried an earlier bedtime, the earliest bedtime and attempted to just settle into a routine of the late bedtime as he dictates. I feel like this has to just be a phase – we’re talking 2030 at the earliest, gone 2130 the latest. It feels utterly crazy.

Arthur has also begun a tantrum phase. It’s mostly cute at the moment, but I can see it feeling otherwise fairly presently…

Thankfully, that’s “all” for us right now.

I am mindful that those things, teamed with virtually anything else, can and may well cascade into a torrent of overwhelm. We’re good though. We’re all happy and relatively thriving. Focusing on all things positive!

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