WEEK 24, 2019.

Another week has whizzed past us, at the (currently standard) speed of lightening.

Today I managed to get sunburn, though I managed to keep Arthur well shaded and coated in sunscreen, so it’s just me that’s sporting that odd pink glow. I guess summer is well and truly here?

Our friends Avalon and Steve have now had their baby girl, and we had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and so very, very tiny. We’re popping back to see them this weekend to take some photographs and I can’t wait. Tiny babies are so delicious and life-affirming – I think it’s the fingers and toes, little bow lips and tufts of hair. See also: that amazing smell.

Otherwise, we’re shuffling along. My grandma went into hospital last week after a fall and is still there now. I don’t really like to talk about that kind of thing – it’s her life, not mine – I’ve only managed to get to the hospital once which I feel rubbish about, but time is proving to not be my friend right now. (And I think hospitals deliberately design visiting hours to be awkward!) I’ve managed to pop some new hand-painted jewellery into my Etsy shop – I have roughly a thousand designs that I want to make, and paint, but time…

Time, time, time.

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