Week 25, 26 & 27, 2019.

Written on Monday, posted on Friday.

As I write we’re driving back home from Arthur’s second music festival. He enjoyed listening to the music and people-watching, but honestly was happiest collecting stones, climbing camping chairs and rattling fences/gates. We were at the New Forest Folk Festival, which is a gorgeous, tiny festival which is super relaxing and very kid-friendly. I got to see some of my favourite musicians, eat far too much and enjoy a good dose of sunshine in the process. Just what the doctor ordered!

I wanted to pop a post up last week – mainly to share my disbelief at being half-way through 2019 – but then life happened, as it so often does…

This year has gone faster than any other year before it, for me. I’m really enjoying this season of life – Arthur finds joy in absolute everything right now, and I can’t fail to find joy in his joy! So there are laughs and smiles a’plenty for us, these days. I can’t ask for much more than that, really!

Take care, lovely folks.

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