Week 5, 2019. (& weeks 4, 3 & 2)

January was a pretty busy month for our family. We celebrated Veganuary (something that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope to celebrate again next year), celebrated lots of first birthdays, started earnestly looking for a new home and started making steps to putting our current home on the market…


Going vegan

Veganuary is something I would like to dedicate an entire post to, but in short – I got a slight hankering for mackerel & couldn’t wait to gobble a big chunk of Parmesan… But aside from that, the vegan diet suited me pretty well as a whole. It’s only been a few days since, but we’ve stuck to to a mainly plant-based diet, which I’m hoping we’ll keep up! The hardest part for me was that we didn’t feel it appropriate for Arthur to join in, so there were more “baby ping meals” being prepared in our kitchen than usual, because routinely preparing more than one meal for the three of us is beyond me, quite frankly. He joined us a lot more at the end of the month, but I think it’s hard enough to make sure little ones are getting a good carb/fruit & vegetable/protein/dairy ratio as it is, without restricting what’s allowed… To end on a high, though, we cooked loads of new recipes and have an arsenal of quick, nutritious weeknight meals that we’re still using. Hopefully frozen pizza will be banished from our lives!


All the birthdays

Our NCT friends have baby birthdays split between December and January, so January was busy with baby birthday parties! Arthur loves any soft play, stole food from unattended plates and wowed people with his walking skills. It was lovely to see so many of the babies looking so grown up!


‘Ouses, ‘ouses

We’ve only viewed three properties, but by the end of the month we’d had an offer accepted on a house – contingent, of course, on us selling our place… And I’m happy/petrified/overwhelmed to report that we’re “on the market” now, which feels quite bizarre! We’ve already had a viewing, and we have another booked, which hopefully bodes well. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


So that’s the past few weeks summed up for us! How did January treat you?

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