Week 6, 2019.

I started writing a blog post for this week, last week, thinking that I had an inkling of what was to come. I was wrong. Not entirely… But almost entirely wrong.

One thing I definitely didn’t envisage was me grumbling to Jack about how I had a tummy ache around 11pm on Saturday night, and then channeling my inner-boomer/spitter and projectile vomiting all over our sofa. Poor Jack was up until around 1am, flinging cushion covers in our bath to soak, coaxing vomit into a bucket and sprinkling everything with a dusting of baking powder. All of this was punctuated by me visiting the toilet roughly every 5 minutes.

Yeah, I didn’t see that coming.

As a result I’ve not been on planet earth for the past few days, so everything feels a bit elusive and intangible. I caught a cold before any of that gross scene you just read, so my poor body was quite happy to just let me sleep through the past 48 hours. Thankfully, Arthur has been pretty permitting on that. More importantly, whatever it was that happened to me seems to have ignored Arthur and Jack completely. Hurrah!

Anyway. The one big thing I knew was going to happen? It’s something pretty big! The contract I am working on is currently “up for tender” (the company I’m employed for had to apply to continue to provide the services that me and my colleagues supply, as the funding doesn’t come directly from the company I work for), and we successfully won the tender! (Aka I still have a job!) Toot toot!

Now, please excuse me while I go curl up in bed and create a new mound of scrunched up tissues…

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