Week 8, 2019. (& week 7)

The past few weeks have been pretty difficult. Breastfeeding can be pretty draining at the best of times, but when you’re not well it feels like a whole new level of tiredness has been uncovered. Ouch. Team that with round-the-clock sinus pain (I’ve been popping painkillers like I’m postpartum) and an inability to actually sleep at night (unless I manage to find that sweet sleeping spot that doesn’t fill my entire head with mucus and stop me from breathing), multiply that by two and a half weeks and here I am, just about.


Today, though, has been gloriously sunny, warm and generally delicious. Arthur and I met Lisa and Edie in Southend and we walked along the sea front and got lunch together. It felt very luxurious! I’m sure the cold is on its way already, but the lovely sunshine has definitely perked me up.


In other news, almost everything has changed in terms of our housing situation – we lost the house we had put an offer on x 2, we’ve had an offer put on ours (which we have accepted) and we’ve now had our offer accepted on another house – hopefully this is the one we get to keep! That said, as these things change so quickly, who knows what the situation will be like this time next week… Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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