Week 9, 2019.

This week has been a mixed bag. Things are moving along nicely with our house purchase – we’ve had a mortgage appointment with our lender and two meetings with our solicitors. It feels good that we’re still at the stage where we can see/feel progression – I remember when we were buying our current home there was a month or two where it felt like absolutely nothing was happening what-so-ever. Today we made an appointment to go and view the new house again, armed with tape measures and cameras. I’m allowing myself to get progressively more excited about it..!


We had some pants family news on Friday, but thankfully all was as “back to normal” as it usually is by Saturday. The weekend was a bit of an odd one as a result, and our plans were altered quite radically, but it was kind of nice to kick back and go with the flow.


In other news, tomorrow marks one whole week into my twelfth year of consecutive daily self-portraits, and seventh year of consecutive daily non-self-portraits. I love these two projects on the whole (I mean, I would have to really, to keep them up, right?) but every now and then I find them extremely tiring. Without a doubt, they have both made me a better photographer, if nothing else! To take a gander at year eleven click here and to take a look at year seven click here.

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