Where I Am, Now.


Taking a cue from the wonderful Breanna Rose. Here’s what has been swirling around my mind recently, and how I’m feeling today…


MAKING a lot of plans!
COOKING salad at work, pasta at home. Oh, and let’s not forget pitta bread!
DRINKING lots of coffee and energy drinks. 12-hour shifts take it out of you!
READING The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson.
WANTING to sleep in my own bed! So! Much!
LOOKING at the pile of paperwork I need to do before my shift ends tonight… Boo!
PLAYING Familjen. Lots of Familjen.
WISHING I could see into the immediate future to help myself out with a few decisions..!
ENJOYING the fresh air when I leave work in the evening. Ahh!
WAITING to finish my shift tomorrow, so I can drive back to Essex (and my bed!).
LIKING how happy summer seems to be making everybody, yay!
WONDERING how my current plans are going to play out. I have my fingers and toes crossed!
LOVING Gin & tonic. It’s such a gorgeous drink for summer.
HOPING to learn, to grow, to help, to smile.
MARVELLING at the human body. It’s pretty darned amazing.
NEEDING to unwind and relax a little, and get myself a decent sleep!
SMELLING clementines (I just ate some).
WEARING work clothes, which is jeans and layered tops. Can’t wait to get into my pajamas tonight!
NOTICING that I should make myself more carbs to eat at work, loads of salad always leaves me hungry!
KNOWING I have the best, most kind and supportive family and friends, and I’m so grateful (thank you!).
THINKING is it home-time yet? What shall I make for dinner? Which photo should I pick for photo tennis..?
BOOKMARKING Various TED talks!
OPENING my bag to look for more food. I think day shifts make me more hungry than night shifts…
GIGGLING at my client’s jokes and rather inimitable impressions!
FEELING hungry, have I mentioned that already? Ha! Also, rather tired, but happy too!


Where are you, now?


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