Wickham Festival – Little Johnny England


I went to Wickham Festival this weekend and got to see one of my favourite bands – Little Johnny England! This is pretty much a self-gratifying post serving as an excuse to upload a couple of images that I’ve not uploaded to Flickr… Scroll down for ’em!








The festival itself was great: a good mixture of artists; plenty to do if you fancied a break from music (storytelling, films, theme park rides, a short walk into town, watching morris sides…); loads of yummy food stalls (not to mention other pretty things to oggle at – so many gorgeous dresses!) and plenty of delicious ale!








Little Johnny England were great as always, of course. I hadn’t seen them since 2011 (!) so I was pretty over the moon when I found out they’d be performing there on the Friday night.










Phew! Hope you like – I’ll be uploading another set of photos from Shamus O’Blivion and the Megadeath Morris Men’s set later in the week, too..!


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