World Breastfeeding Week 2018, part 2


I feel very privileged and proud of the journey Arthur and I have gone through with breastfeeding. As I detailed in my previous World Breastfeeding Week post, it hasn’t always been easy.


Instead of focusing on those aspects today, I thought I would write about the bizarre situations you find yourself in if you’re breastfeeding – specifically, the strange places you may find yourself breastfeeding. Here’s my (surprisingly not that exhaustive!) list…


  • The delivery suite
  • Postnatal ward
  • Home
  • My car
  • The Angel Pub
  • My mum’s house
  • Mothercare
  • The train
  • The Register Office
  • The Real Greek
  • Lemon Witch
  • M&S Café
  • Waterstones
  • M&S changing rooms
  • Koji
  • Several people’s houses
  • Standing up in the changing rooms at the swimming pool
  • Sitting on a bench in the changing rooms at the swimming pool
  • In a scout hut
  • The garden centre
  • GP surgery
  • Cinema
  • The Bell Inn (Horndon-on-the-Hill)
  • A bench in a park
  • Baby massage class
  • Moo Music
  • Jack’s work
  • Birdsong Café (Leigh-on-Sea)
  • Another pub
  • Henry Burger
  • Bould Brothers Coffee (Cambridge)
  • Restaurant in Melton Mowbry
  • Grand Central
  • Park bench in Langdon
  • In the car whilst moving on the M23
  • Small Batch Coffee Roasters
  • Walking alongside the London to Brighton finishing line
  • Whilst stuck in a traffic jam on the M25
  • In the car whilst moving on the M3 on the way to New Forest Folk Festival
  • B&B in the New Forest
  • Beer tent at New Forest Folk Festival
  • In a camping chair at New Forest Folk Festival
  • Walking around at New Forest Folk Festival
  • A&E
  • Paediatric A&E
  • On a plane
  • Café in Voirons
  • Service station in France
  • At the house we stayed at in France
  • By the pool in France
  • Whilst walking around Géant casino/hypermarche
  • Lac de Saint-Cassien
  • Warner Café (Cannes)
  • Restaurant in Tanneron
  • Crêpery (Sisteron)
  • Bench in a car park (Sisteron)
  • At Lyon airport
  • Brunch Co.
  • Plough and Sail Pub


Phew! Like I said, this is just the places I can remember!


Please click through to the World Breastfeeding Week website to learn more about breastfeeding and why WBW exists. Take care and happy Tuesday, friends!

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