Y9/365: Days 8-14


Here we go, following days 1-7 with days 8-14 in an attempt to play catch-up when I’ve only just started..!


Day 8, Year 9.


Day 9, Year 9.



Day 10, Year 9.



Day 11, Year 9.



Day 12, Year 9.



Day 13, Year 9.



Day 14, Year 9.


The week commencing 5th of March, also known as the day the fluffy orange monsters arrived in the flat! There was decorating a go-go on the Saturday, before Jack and I went to visit our families on the Sunday… Returning with Barns and Ginger in tow! A day shift, a night shift, a paid shift, a lot of kitty cuddles, a cough, a cold, many aches and pains, a dinner in London with Ally and Ali and a whole lot of feeling grateful for being able to spend so much time with Jack, B and G. D’aww.

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