Y9/365: Days 155-161


Looking through my self-portraits for last week, I definitely achieved a variety of different themes/moods in my photos! Travel, fairy lights, relaxation, kitty-centric, midwifery and down-right silly… Definitely a bit of everything!



Day 155, Year 9.



Day 156, Year 9.



Day 157, Year 9.



Day 158, Year 9.



Day 159, Year 9.



Day 160, Year 9.



Day 161, Year 9.


Last week for me is one of those weeks that leaves you feeling super thankful. Gearing up to Jack’s birthday was pretty ace and of course celebrating the existence of my favourite person in the world is only going to be a good thing, really!


As a week of revision (mostly) I got to spend a bit of time chilling in between bouts of revision, which was grand after recent placements and university woes… Anyhoo! Hope you’re having a fab Tuesday whatever you’re up to – I’m on my last leg of revision and am hoping to get a bit of DIY in. Take care folks!


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