Y9/365: Days 162-168


This past week has been pretty beautiful on the whole. Now that it has come and passed, I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the fact that my exams are well and truly over (well, I hope they are – I’m not throwing my revision notes out until I know for sure I’ve passed the last two!). The sunshine has kept me going, alongside waking up with Jack each day this week. The urge to lay-in when I’ve not had early starts is quite something, but it’s better to have gentle mornings padding about with coffee-in-hand and wearing his dressing gown instead of mine… Just because I can!



Day 162, Year 9.



Day 163, Year 9.



Day 164, Year 9.



Day 165, Year 9.



Day 166, Year 9.



Day 167, Year 9.



Day 168, Year 9.


I think I’m yet to mention how much I love that this year my 365 week starts on a Saturday. When I’m not working weekends, it always feels like a grand place to think about the week beginning – and the week ending on a Friday is always a good note, too!


So, the week was beautiful not least of all because it turned up with Jack’s birthday! We had a grand weekend, celebrating in style with lots of lovely people. We drank champagne, had a celebratory BBQ and even went to Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner (!) which was such a treat. On Monday afternoon I found out my first exam result (97%!) which kept me walking on air for the rest of the week, ha! I was also pretty pleased to finally respond to Dave’s photo in our game of photo tennis, as an idea has been alluding me for weeks and weeks… I was also pretty please to join in a few of the We’re Here themes – sometimes it’s the little things.


Last but note least, whilst the act of sitting in my exams wasn’t fantastic, the feeling of walking out of them and the freedom of the next few weeks has been super. I’m thrilled and terrified about what happens after the next few weeks… But I’m happy to deal with all that when it finally arrives!


Happy Saturday, folks. Take care of yourselves!


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