Y9/365: Days 169-175


Following on from yesterday, here’s the matching self-portraits from last week. All in all, a good week for photos and a good week for happiness levels. Yeehaw!


Day 169, Year 9.



Day 170, Year 9.



Day 171, Year 9.



Day 172, Year 9.



Day 173, Year 9.



Day 174, Year 9.



Day 175, Year 9.


Little snippets to join the dots: a new lip colour fresh from My Little Box (which I thought I wouldn’t like, but actually adore!); new, beautiful shoes and the accompanying blisters; beautiful Chalkwell just after sunrise; talking nonsense with Sarah because that’s how we roll; Jack being the best, always; reading my current book “The Invention of Wings”; drilling, painting, scratching, DIY-ing; wrapping gifts on benches; a delicious meal with lovely folks; me saving strange packaging to use it as stencil for my face.


Happy Tuesday, friends!


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