Y9/365: Days 176-182


I’m writing this post on my PC with Barns curled up in my lap, and from the window in our office I can see Jack has just parked outside after returning from his trip fishing. My day has been spent at Lisa and Paul’s enjoying catching-up with them and plenty of other folks whilst having a BBQ! As usual, the week of photos I have to share with you seems like it happened quite a while ago…



Day 176, Year 9.



Day 177, Year 9.



Day 178, Year 9.



Day 179, Year 9.



Day 180, Year 9.



Day 181, Year 9.



Day 182, Year 9.


So, the week of the photos – Saturday was our second trip to the Bermondsey Beer Mile, (and this time I took a photo an hour) and on the Sunday, Jack and I cycled over 30 miles (my longest cycle ride yet!). The week was spent DIY-ing, reading, relaxing, seeing Avalon, eating sushi, enjoying the sunshine and playing video games. Winning!


Hope you’ve enjoyed a marvelous Monday, whatever you’ve been up to!


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