Y9/365: Days 183-189


September has well and truly arrived and as a result I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with what has been happening for the past few months, and what is going to happen over the next few. I know there’s no point in worrying, but I’m quite the worrywart at times! Having been able to have a weekend away with Jack as September crept over the threshold was wonderful, however, and I’m feeling grateful for our little cottage escape!


As seems to be the norm round here, the photos from last week now seem like a lifetime ago! I’m currently in recovery from a night shift, so if I’m entirely honest, yesterday also seems like a lifetime ago..! Night shifts do rather odd things to the brain (or at least, they do to mine!).



Day 183, Year 9.



Day 184, Year 9.



Day 185, Year 9.



Day 186, Year 9.



Day 187, Year 9.



Day 188, Year 9.



Day 189, Year 9.


My last week of holiday was pretty grand – aside from going away for our cottage holiday, Bags came over for video games, I went to Lisa and Paul’s for a BBQ and had a catch-up with lots of my favourite folks, I bought a new bike (!!) and got to spend a lot of the week relaxing with Jack.


Our holiday was pretty quiet and serene. We stayed in a lovely little cottage in Somerset, suitably in the middle of nowhere. The time we spent there was mainly divided between finding lovely places to eat yummy food, going for cycle rides, listening to our favourite new podcast and playing board games.


If I’m completely honest, I wish I was back there now!

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