Y9/365: Days 1-7


I’ve been meaning to make posts about my daily photographs for a while now, and as I’m nearing a whole month after starting my ninth year of self-portraits… I thought it was probably a pretty good time to make a start!


Day 1, Year 9.


Day 2, Year 9.


Day 3, Year 9.



Day 4, Year 9.


Day 5, Year 9.



Day 6, Year 9.



Day 7, Year 9.


So, the week commencing 27th February! I worked three night shifts, went to one skills lecture at university, Holly and Billy visited us at the flat for the first time (our first non-family visitors!), I did my first paid shift in a long ol’ time, we made an earnest start on the red walls in our office, we finally got our washing machine and dishwasher plumbed in (!!) and we went to see Fairport Convention perform at The Union Chapel… Basically, a pretty awesome week.


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