Y9/365: Days 113-119


Good afternoon lovelies! So, in the constant attempt to yo-yo back and forth between being up-to-date with my uploads and madly scrambling to get up-to-date with them… I’m here with my self-portraits from last week! It was my last week of placement, and that’s the main reason for getting behind with things – I worked my butt off to research things, do my homework and work my way through various bits of paperwork that needed to get done. Phew! Anyway, here come the photos…


Day 113, Year 9.



Day 114, Year 9.



Day 115, Year 9.



Day 116, Year 9.



Day 117, Year 9.



Day 118, Year 9.



Day 119, Year 9.


Starting on the Saturday, as usual, I decided to get out my face paints and concocted a messy face inspired by the colours in Louis Wain’s “Early Indian Irish”, I’m already at a bit of a loss as to exactly what I got up to daytime Saturday… It’s a fair bet that it involved painting our bedroom, though! Sunday was a family day, what with it being father’s day n’all, which was really lovely. As for the rest of the week… I worked 3 x 10 hour shifts and 1 x 6 hour shift, then spent my one full day off working on university work. I’m pretty relieved to be the other side of that paperwork, let me tell you! Unfortunately it’s still to be signed, handed in and graded, so the relief is a little premature. Friday night Jack and I celebrated me surviving my third and final “official” placement of the year with a meal of sea bass and a bottle of Prosecco – yum!


Take care guys!

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