Y9/365: Days 120-126


As appears to forever be the case, I find myself posting photos a week or so after taking them..! Better late than never though, so here goes…


Day 120, Year 9.



Day 121, Year 9.



Day 122, Year 9.



Day 123, Year 9.



Day 124, Year 9.



Day 125, Year 9.



Day 126, Year 9.


So! The week started with a photo an hour, two awesome BBQs and seeing a lot of folk! Jack and I went to his folks’ house for a family meal and then in the evening we headed over to his friend Ed’s folks’ house for a surprise birthday party. The rest of that weekend was spent clearing out a whole bunch of Jack’s old bits and bobs and then collecting the rest of his things from his folks’ house. Phew! The rest of the week for me was spent at university, mostly getting my brain fried… Otherwise, being happy about sunshine, looking after our plant babies, lots of cuddles, some face paint, being thrilled about Suki lending me her 35mm camera (!) and spending Friday evening with some of the lovely ladies from university.


Look out for the project 365 photos tomorrow!

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