Y9/365: Days 127-133


I’m not sure how you feel, but I’m starting to feel like July is flying by at a rapid speed! This Saturday will mark 6 months since Jack and I popped open a bottle of champagne in our home for the first time… How mad is that?! Anyhow, on with the photos…


Day 127, Year 9.



Day 128, Year 9.



Day 129, Year 9.



Day 130, Year 9.



Day 131, Year 9.



Day 132, Year 9.



Day 133, Year 9.


Without getting into huge details, it was a funny ol’ week, with ups and downs a’plenty. I’ve been struggling a bit, but thankfully Jack is amazing at telling me to pick myself up and dust myself down. I have a lot to be thankful for right now, and he’s definitely at the top of the list!


Tomorrow I’ll post the matching non-self portraits for this week, so look out for those. In the meantime, take care folks!


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