Y9/365: Days 134-140


I’m feeling pretty scatter-brained today; Jack and I woke up at 3am and fumbled around upstairs trying to wake ourselves up. He had to be at the airport for an early morning flight, and I wanted to wave him off, so I drove him there at ridiculous o’clock this morning. When I got home and turned my key in the lock, I felt like I’d worked a night shift – body clock sadness for real! I always think I’ll be productive when I have an early start, but despite being home for nearly five hours, I’ve done very little besides drinking a lot of coffee…

Anyway! Here I am, posting my daily self-portraits for last week pretty darned promptly! So, here’s the 9th to the 15th of July in self-portrait form, coming at you…



Day 134, Year 9.



Day 135, Year 9.



Day 136, Year 9.



Day 137, Year 9.



Day 138, Year 9.



Day 139, Year 9.



Day 140, Year 9.


This week has been a funny old week, like all the rest. Saturday was a charming, lovely day filled with pottering about one of our favourite parts of town; we discovered new shops, enjoyed the sunshine and then finished painting the bathroom when we got back home. The rest of my weekend was spent with family, finishing off some university work and madly plotting how I can finish my end of year paperwork once and for all. Alas, it’s still proving to be difficult to actually achieve this… The rest of the week saw my last “real” week at university for this year – when I’m back in lectures come September, I’ll be a second year! Now that, is completely crazy. I also managed to meet up with Caroline and Nori to eat pizza, talk and take photos, and it was super-awesome to see them both.


At the end of the week, Jack and I spent some time wandering around Westcliff catching Pokémon (ha!) and on Friday we had a delicious seafood platter with accompanying Prosecco at one of the lovely cafés along the Esplanade. I’ve got to say, it was a lovely last night together before he jumped on a plane this morning! Obviously, I’m missing him already and can’t wait for him to get back next week..!


Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows link round-up post, and on Monday I’ll be putting the matching non-selfies from last week up. Phew! Hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday, whatever you’re up to!


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