Y9/365: Days 141-147


This past week has been hella sunny, and of course, hella hot. It’s been a bit of a funny one too – Jack was away in France (he’s not back safe and sound!), it was my first week without lectures (we haven’t broken up yet, though, I hasten to add – it’s three weeks of exams, starting today!), I met up with Jenn – a friend I’ve never met IRL before (despite being friends online for over a decade!) and I managed to attend an annual training class update for the care company I was working for prior to starting my degree. Anyway, here come the photos…


Day 141, Year 9.



Day 142, Year 9.



Day 143, Year 9.



Day 144, Year 9.



Day 145, Year 9.



Day 146, Year 9.



Day 147, Year 9.


So, after getting home from dropping Jack off at the airport, I had a pretty leisurely Saturday – I managed to read a book in a day (first time I’ve done that for years!) and spent some time chilling out with the cats. On Sunday I did a thirteen hour shift in an attempt to start getting my first year paperwork finished… The rest of the week? Well, I met up with Jenn! I was super stoked that she was in London for a few hours, so we grabbed some food and coffee together and sat in a lovely park for a bit. I also met up with Laurence and we had a pint and a walk around Hyde Park catching Pokémon, I did a training day with my old company, I got half of my paperwork signed off by my lecturer, had the remainer signed off by my mentor (which means it needs to be just two more sets of signatures to be complete, ha) and got my summative baby check completed. On Friday night I attended a bats, BBQ and beer evening (!) at Hanningfield Reservoir, too. Phew!


After a pretty sleepless night last night, I had a wee lie-in today before getting up to tackle life as it stands: my first exam is today and I’m pretty nervous! I’ve been getting people to test me over the weekend (thanks Jack, thanks mum!)… And later today, I’ll need try to keep all of that information filed tidily in my brain (in the right order) and not panic a let my mind go blank… Ha! Wish me luck, lovelies!


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