Y9/365: Days 148-154


This past week has flown by, like most weeks seem to right now. Saturday marked Jack’s return to England from France (hurrah!) and the week itself saw a few little adventures of its own. Here goes…



Day 148, Year 9.



Day 149, Year 9.



Day 150, Year 9.



Day 151, Year 9.



Day 152, Year 9.



Day 153, Year 9.



Day 154, Year 9.


One exam, morris with Sarah, a meal with Ally and Ali, watching the entire first series of Stranger Things, a fair amount of Pokémon huntinga night out with Jack and his colleagues, a lot of tidying, time spent with my mum and gran, some exam revision and lots of coffee! Obviously, the best thing about the week was getting Jack back..!


Matching non-selfies coming up tomorrow – have a good Monday and take care of yourselves!


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