Y9/365: Days 29-35


Yet another week of self-portraits coming at you! A pretty good week, too – on the whole I’m super pleased with these ones. Lots and lots of happy memories!


Day 29, Year 9.



Day 30, Year 9.



Day 31, Year 9.



Day 32, Year 9.



Day 33, Year 9.



Day 34, Year 9.



Day 35, Year 9.

So, this week featured… A¬†Frank Sinatra tribute singing to me whilst I tried to think of a way to escape, many fabulous second-hand picture frames, cocktails, celebrating birthdays, a hell of a lot of delicious food, so many thoughtful gifts, heart-warming well wishes, enjoying our roof terrace, taking photos for photo tennis projects (yay!), taking part in We’re Here for the first time in years, lots of tidying, a fair amount of DIY and lots and lots of laughter.

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