Y9/365: Days 36-42


Happy hump day friends! Today I have my first full week of April self-portraits to share with you – I don’t think it will be much longer until I’m actually caught up with these..!



Day 36, Year 9.



Day 37, Year 9.



Day 38, Year 9.



Day 39, Year 9.



Day 40, Year 9.



Day 41, Year 9.



Day 42, Year 9.


So, my proper hello to April… Jack had the week off of work, and I was off from university, so we got a mountain of DIY projects done and dusted (hurrah!), we also went cycling with Suki, spent time at Old Leigh with Suki and then later with Caroline and Nori, Caroline and Nori stayed over for an evening of board games (and homemade fruit-infused alcohol!), we met Paul for pizza and a spot of furniture shopping (more fun than it sounds…), we spent a day exploring Kent (a photo an hour post coming up for that day), my mum and step-dad helped us with some of the aforementioned DIY, I played the violin  wee bit (always a pleasure!) and Bags, Paul and Louise came over for some board games on the Friday night. PHEW!


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