Y9/365: Days 43-49

Howdi lovelies! Today brings another week of self-portraits, starting from the 9th of April… Which seems like a pretty long time ago, now! Anyhoo, here goes…


Day 43, Year 9.



Day 44, Year 9.



Day 45, Year 9.



Day 46, Year 9.



Day 47, Year 9.



Day 48, Year 9.



Day 49, Year 9.

So – after a day of board games and arcade games, Jack and I settled in to play L4D2 with some lovely folks, before playing yet another game of Pandemic in the evening (on the Saturday!), I joined in with 2 posts over at We’re Here (though one of them was my own!), I had a bit of a daft tutorial at university, wrote a lot of my current essay, had a really awesome lecture (with the most enthusiastic lecturer, who really cared about her subject – just what you want!), went for a long walk in the sunshine, bought tulips… And enjoyed the sunshine a lot. I’ve been pretty happy to see so much of the sunshine in April so far – though the past few days have been quite rainy!


Back with a few more photos tomorrow, of course..!

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