Y9/365: Days 50-56


Happy hump day y’all! Without further ado – here are my self-portraits from theĀ 16th to the 22nd April (I’m so close to being caught up now, hurrah!).



Day 50, Year 9.


Day 51, Year 9.



Day 52, Year 9.



Day 53, Year 9.


Day 54, Year 9.


Day 55, Year 9.



Day 56, Year 9.


What a week! I played a barn dance for the first time in yonks (with Jacob’s Creek, who play barn dances to raise money for Gorkha Learning for Life), met up with Lisa for breakfast, had quite the starry-eyed reaction at a garden centre (and then planted a lot of gorgeous things when I got home – thank you to my wonderful grandma for gifting them to me and Jack!), had lectures on breastfeeding, managing the third stage of labour and fear of childbirth, contributed to We’re Here!, attended the Gorkha Learning for Life AGM, played fiddle with my mum, enjoyed the sunshine and wrote a lot of my current essay. Phewww!

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