Y9/365: Days 57-63


Whoo, caught up! Here are my self-portraits from Saturday the 23rd of May to Friday the 29th of May. A varied bunch, I’m sure you’ll agree…



Day 57, Year 9.



Day 58, Year 9.



Day 59, Year 9.



Day 60, Year 9.



Day 61, Year 9.



Day 62, Year 9.



Day 63, Year 9.


So! My week started with a wonderful day – a visit from Jack’s folks! We spent the day wandering around Southend, saw sunshine, rain, hail and all sorts (!) had a hell of a lot of delicious food and drink, discovered three new awesome haunts (a lovely cafĂ© along the esplanade, The Royal Hotel and The Pipe of Port, swoooooon!) and had a grand old time. We had a relaxing Sunday, although it did feature me revising for a mock exam on Monday… But Monday came and went without mishap (hurrah!) and I passed the mock with flying colours. I spent a lot of the week finishing off an essay (finally, it’s finished and submitted!), cooking snacks for our picnic to the LAN party (brownies, and savoury tarts and muffins, yum!). On the Thursday night, Jack and I drove up to Rob and Lauren’s for the LAN party, and the Friday was spent gaming, drinking and pogging ourselves silly. Hurrah!


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