Y9/365: Days 64-70


Happy happy Friday, folks! Here are last week’s self-portraits, taken from the 30th of April through to the 6th of May. Enjoy!


Day 64, Year 9.



Day 65, Year 9.



Day 66, Year 9.



Day 67, Year 9.



Day 68, Year 9.



Day 69, Year 9.



Day 70, Year 9.


Another lovely week! I was super happy to spend time with some of my favourite folks at the bi-annual LAN party, and I enjoyed playing a bunch of new games. I got a bit ill at the end of the week and struggled through university lectures somewhat! The sunshine cheered me up immensely, though, and the wonderful Jack made me laugh as always, so it was a happy, lovely week overall. Hurrah!

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