Y9/365: Days 71-77


Happy hump day, folks! Here’s another week of self-portraits for you, starting from the 7th of May, going all the way through to the 13th of May. Which, of course, brings up up-to-date with the current week. Hurrah!


Day 71, Year 9.



Day 72, Year 9.



Day 73, Year 9.



Day 74, Year 9.



Day 75, Year 9.



Day 76, Year 9.



Day 77, Year 9.


Phew! So, my week entailed being in placement, feeling pretty darned grotty (I’ve had this cough/cold/headache/general ache/lethargy thing going on for two weeks now) and just trying to balance coping with the placement whilst being ill. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to be kind to my mind and body whilst being a student midwife, I have to admit! Coming out of the other side of feeling ill now, though, if not at least partially due to the fact that I’m getting into the swing of my current placement, so I’m finding it a little less physically and emotionally draining. Hoo! Anyway, hope you’re having a grand day whatever you’re up to – and I hope you’re being kind to your mind and body!


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