Y9/365: Days 78-84


Afternoon folks, and happy Monday! I’ve just sat down to my PC with a cup of tea, and I fully intend to make a start on my next essay (!) as well as having a little relax by getting up-to-date with my blog reader. Before I get started on that, though, here are my latest week of self-portraits, from the 14th to the 20th of May; a lovely week! Here goes…



Day 78, Year 9.



Day 79, Year 9.



Day 80, Year 9.



Day 81, Year 9.



Day 82, Year 9.



Day 83, Year 9.



Day 84, Year 9.


Phew, what a week! First up, Jack and I had a lovely evening in Piccadilly celebrating Luke M’s birthday; we went to Mele e Pere and had a delicious dinner as well as trying some scrumptious vermouth. On the Sunday, we went to my mum’s and had even more yummy food, and I took one of the very few family photos I’ve taken in the sunshine. The week was a bit of a blur what with a day shift, a night shift and a skills day at university… At the end of the week Bags came over and spent the night, and as Jack had the Friday off of work, we went out for breakfast (at Stop the World) and played a whole bunch of video games. Hurrah!


I’ll be back tomorrow with the accompanying non-self-portraits, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Take care folks, and have a lovely Monday afternoon and evening!


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