Y9/365: Days 85-91


Happy Friday, friends! I’ve had a rather lovely, relaxing week so far – only one day on placement (working weekend coming up!) and plenty of time to sort my head out a bit, and of course, organise the flat some more..! Anyway, here goes…



Day 85, Year 9.



Day 86, Year 9.



Day 87, Year 9.



Day 88, Year 9.



Day 89, Year 9.



Day 90, Year 9.



Day 91, Year 9.


On the Saturday, Jack drove us to his folks’ house for a lovely family BBQ! I drove myself back in the evening (him and Suki did mega-cycling on the Sunday!) and had an early night, ready for an early start on the Sunday – workworkwork and then super-pleased to get Jack back in the evening. The rest of the week featured one 13 hour shift and four days spent tidying, essay-writing, shopping, spending time with my family and trying to smash getting my metadata and photography tidied and up-to-date (next: getting up-to-date with uploads to Getty, gulp!).


Hope you’re having a grand Friday guys! Take care!

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