Y9/365: Days 99-105


Greetings lovely folks! I’m currently at my desk with Barns on my lap, putting off making a proper start to what feels like a never-ending amount of work that I need to get done for my current placement… It feels like such an enormous task (I have the longest list of to-dos sitting next to me!) but once I’ve pressed the publish button on this here post, I’m going to force myself to make an earnest start.



Day 99, Year 9.



Day 100, Year 9.



Day 101, Year 9.



Day 102, Year 9.



Day 103, Year 9.



Day 104, Year 9.



Day 105, Year 9.


So, the 4th of June to the 10th of June. It’s been a pretty placement-focused week – I’m gearing up to my final placement grading of the year, as well as all of the other bits that go along with that – reflections, a drugs workbook, ensuring skills clusters are ticked off and doing a lot of double-checking! Other than that, there’s been a little bit of DIY, a few games of Civ V, a trip to Thurrock Beer Festival, a day spent with Paul and lots and lots of hugs.


Right, wish me luck with my workbooks!


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